Saturday, February 24, 2007


2 nights ago i had a weird dream. I usually have weird dreams and i think they are mostly affected by things i eat or things i see right before i go to bed. But this most recent dream was completely random, and horrible in many ways.

I dreamt i was at home in Salem and looking out the windows towards the city, and all of a sudden i heard a loud noise and saw a huge shadow fly over our house. It was an airplane, and next it crashed into the city. i was watching this all happen from our house on top of the hill. i was freaking out, asking where everyone was, i found mom and told her to come look and she just stood there looking out. not saying a word, soon Syd, James, and Lauren all came up and did the same thing. Just stood there. Apparently Syd and James had adopted a kid and i was asking where he was(it was a he, isn't that weird!?) I kept asking, "what should we do?! we need to help them!" then 3 more planes crashed into the city. I just kept saying "where's *inaudible mumble which was James and Syd's baby's name*?!" I felt helpless. i didn't know what to do, but i wanted to do something. And everyone else, was just standing there. watching. doing nothing. Then i woke up to my alarm.

So, crazy dream eh? Most of the time when i have a really crazy dream with some obvious character or plot development I'll look it up in one of those online dream dictionary things( Not that i take what they have to say for the Gospel. but it's really interesting, and sometimes it relates to what is going on in my life somehow. For example, When i was young, probably in upper elementary school, or middle school i had a dream that i was flying over my house, like peter pan. then all of a sudden i just started dropping like a rock. straight to the ground. but, right before i slammed into the earth, i stopped. mid air. i opened my eyes and took off flying again. I looked this one up because flying dreams are one of the most common. Turns out when you have dreams of flight. it supposedly means that you are at a great point in life, overcoming trials, and "on top of the world" so to speak. Likewise when you're falling, it means the opposite, situations in your life are bringing you down. I was able to figure out that, during trials and such when I'm personally spiraling out of control it happens fast...and sometimes it takes me a while to realize how to get myself out of it. But when i do, i overcome fast. i rebound back up, fast and almost instantly. hence my dream...I'm flying, i start to plummet, then i take off again. kind of interesting huh? (Flying dreams- Falling dreams-

i looked up what might come of this airplane crash, according to can click here and see for yourself.

its kind of depressing to read something like that...but, again, i don't believe all of this, and it is very general.

anyhow...just thought this was interesting. I do believe that God can still speak to us through dreams if we are willing to listen. Dreams were always my favorite part of the psychology classes I've taken. so. yeah.

The End.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

This post is mostly directed to Syd, and no one really reads this besides the Sib's anyways so here goes...

After reading your latest blog i got that lump in my throat. (man I've been super emotional lately) I only know a fraction of how difficult this whole process has been for both you and James, and the tole it's taken on you both individually and as a couple. I remember one time i came home, and you were on the couch watching T.V. with your yellow down comforter and a glass of wine. you looked upset so i plopped down and watched a little t.v. with you. Eventually i asked if you were okay, you spilled what had been going on with the whole infertility thing you started crying, i started crying...i found it and will always remember it as a huge bonding moment for us. I am so excited for you and James and I'm excited to see where God leads you in this process. You are both amazing people and i have always thought you would be incredible parents.

I love you Sissy and Jim Rowdy.