Monday, September 17, 2007

this summer has been crazy. I have a new room mate, Hayley. Some new people moved into our apartment complex that we've been hanging out with. Marlon, Patrick, and Kiel play football for SOU. they are hilarious and keep my life entertaining. Brigitte, Courtney, and Shayla are tons of fun as well. I work with brigitte so its fun to have her around at work and home :-) here are some pictures of them.
me and Hayley
Me, patrick, and hayley at our dance party
Me and Patrick
Patrick and me and me and Kiel(kyle)

me and marlonCourtney, me, shayla, and briggite


At 9:55 AM, Blogger Sydney said...

LOVE IT beth! You look so happy! I wish we could have joined you at some point this summer...LAME!!! Maybe we can make it for a football that I'm sure you'll be in attendance =-) Love you little sissy...


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