Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I've been looking into the study abroad programs available at SOU. There are surpisingly a lot of options. I've always thought to study abroad but I've never really been that confident in it. I guess cause I thought that I would have to go to France, which I would love, but I'm not too confident in my French speaking ability especially in an academic world...I have a hard enough time in English speaking class rooms let alone a French speaking class...

Well, I grabbed a brochure on all the available programs to all sorts of countries and found 3 that I would LOVE to go to.

1. Greece-all classes are English speaking and not to mention that Greece has been one of my top 5 places I've wanted to travel. The art and history there is so incredibly interesting. Not to mention its absolutely beautiful.

2. Italy-also English speaking classes. Along with amazing art and history. Plus, the home of the winners of the world cup and beautiful Italian men.

3.Australia-duh, English speaking. Amazing sites. Amazing weather. Amazing accents. Amazing country. Enough said.

so, I'm super excited about learning more about these places and what they have to offer. I don't know how I'm going to be able to decide between all these amazing places...I can't wait to figure it all out though. It will be such an amazing opportunity to see the world and earn some school credit at the same time.
we'll see...

Sunday, January 28, 2007

so i went to church today. There's a church here in Ashland called Simple Faith. I went there last year and i haven't been to church here since last year so i thought i'd go...

i never really realized how spoiled i was at morning star. Usually i'm pretty good with new things and new churches since i stopped going to MS a while ago. But there are little things that good ole' Morning Star pays attention to that other churches don't. For example, i am convinced through out my high school career at RIOT, there was some of the best worship i've ever experienced. Aside from song sets, how many songs, how long they went on and yadda yadda,it was the way they presented it all...All singers blended, all instruments blended, and Rocky knew when to belt the song out to the heavens and when to just let the congregations voices rule the auditorium. It could be considered some what of a a performance...but i believe it was davine intervention.

Simple Faith,(a really good church with a good message and comfortable atmosphere) doesn't really pay attention to those little details, like blending mikes, and instruments. I would have never thought that this would bother me or keep me from being able to worship, but, man...it was the most distracting thing in the world! The lead singers natural singing voice was very soft but clear. He didn't have vibrato he just sang, which i love. (the whole less is more saying.) Then there is the other guitar/singer who you can't even hear, then the female vocal that is completely over powering the singers and their instruments! Don't get me wrong, she had a beautiful voice, but it was too much.

All the while, i'm sitting there wanting to worship through song because thats when i feel closest to God, and i find myself thinking..."who's running the sound here? why doesn't he lower the volume of her mike, and up the volume of his? there's a mandolin player? what? you can't even hear it! gosh...man i miss rocky. He should come down here and show these guys how to do it." Finally i tried to snap out of it and not let it affect me. I tried to focus on the words of the song and pray them because i wasn't able to sing them. It was hard. I didn't want to. I wanted to sing. And i couldn't.

All that to say. For as much stuff that i always hated at Morning Star, and as critical as i was of my home church. No church is perfect(a cliche if i've ever heard one) and Morning star is blessed with amazing musicians ranging from adults to youth. I know, that i could be gone for 10 years, but i can always come back to Morning Star and sing along to amazing songs, led by an amazing worship team.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I wish the world didn't rely so much on Schedules and time frames and money. everything would be so much easier and stress free. honestly...in my short life span of 20 almost 21 years. i've seen in most stressful situations the core of the problem had to do with one of the three or all three, the shedules don't line up, we're running late, we don't have money, we're losing money on our way to our schedule appointment that we're running late to.
life...it passes us by so easily. i need to relax. i need to be intrigued. need to find a balance. i need to find health. i need to rediscover what i want.

Friday, January 05, 2007

i don't ever write in this. honestly i forget i even have it. The only reason why i do have a blogger thing is because of eric. maybe i'll get sucked into this like i do everything else....we'll see...but until then...eric...i'm a consistant reader. don't let me down ;-)