Monday, May 19, 2008

Oh Billy Boy.

yesterday i met one of the former US presidents! Mr. Billy Boy Clinton came to SOU to campaign for Hillary. Both him and Chelsea were in the Student Union courtyard at 5:30pm and spoke about Hillary's plans until about 6:15. It was quite the experience. I loved every minute of it. I actually stayed after he was done talking and shook his hand and got some upclose pictures of him. Its pretty crazy. I always remember not liking him because of the whole Monica scandal. But as i've gotten older i've found that even though those choices he made were completely gross, and unacceptable He was probably one of the best presidents we've had in a long time. No, not perfect. Our economy was booming. And now....not so much. It was weird meeting him. He actually looked me in the eyes when he shook my hand though. which i was really surprised about. anyhoo... Here are the pics i got.


At 3:31 PM, Blogger Sydney said...

seriously?!? best president we've had in a long to see him up close I'm sure.


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