Friday, March 16, 2007


I'm sick of school.
I'm sick of failing myself and others.
I'm sick of not doing the things i want to do.
I'm sick of worry. from myself and others.
I'm sick of lack of trust on all ends of my life.
I'm sick of not having a car.
I'm sick of not working to my potential.
I'm sick of checking the funds every day.
I'm sick of the hypocrites.
I'm sick of stereotypes.
I'm sick of not sleeping well at night.
I'm sick of running in place.
I'm sick of seeing people trying to restrain free spirited people to the point of complete destruction.
I'm sick of War.
I'm sick of routine.
I'm sick of being tested and having that be a gage of what i know.
I'm sick of waiting for what i want.
I'm sick of keeping my eye on the big picture.
I'm sick of "toughing it out"
I'm sick of gossip
I'm sick.

I'm glad i'm healthy.
I'm glad the sun has returned.
I'm glad i see flowers again.
I'm glad i can walk.
I'm glad i can laugh at myself.
I'm glad i have people that love me.
I'm glad i understand the world around me even though the test may not reflect that.
I'm glad i have become more outspoken/outgoing with my life.
I'm glad i've learned how to use Adobe Indesign.
I'm glad i have a park next to my house.
I'm glad i can play basketball with a bunch of guys and keep up.
I'm glad i have friends that i can fight with and work through problems, learn, then move on.
I'm glad my friends stay away from drama.
I'm glad i recycle.
I'm glad i care about our environment even though i'm given a hard time for it.
I'm glad i am able to learn from my mistakes and move on.
I'm glad i told my dad everything i've ever wanted to say to him to his face.
I'm glad i am able to help people.
I'm glad my life isn't perfect cause then it would be boring.
I'm glad i'm spontaneous
I'm glad i can love.
I'm glad i have a relationship with Christ that is deeper than people realize.
I'm glad.


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